Patricia Reiners

Patricia Reiners


AI Masterclass for Designer

AI is now an integral part and the industry is changing rapidly. In this 2-day event, we will explore how designers can use AI, stay up to date and understand AI, to be well-equipped for the future.

Over 10 years in the game


As a UI/UX designer, I design websites, apps and digital projects. I support my clients from the idea to the creation of the first wireframes and interactive prototypes to the design of precise screen designs and the technical implementation of websites with animations.

With a special focus on projects in the area of Metaverse and XR technologies, I ensure that the application is designed in a user-friendly manner.


Page magazine

t3N digital pioneer


Design Matters



Projects & Case studies





Metaverse & web3

Personal project

Jump redesign


User Expererience

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