Patricia Reiners

Patricia Reiners


Top 5 most important UX topics for 2020 So many things have changed in the last year for us as UX/Product designers. We are living in an extremely exciting and interesting time whe

Why stealing ideas from science fiction will kill UX! Top 5 future trends for our interfaces (2020) Please, don’t get ”inspired” by science fiction! But what is the first thi

8 Use Cases for the Metaverse Web 3.0 — The (R)evolution of the Internet Zuckerberg defines the metaverse as follows: “The metaverse is an embodied internet that you’re

How to Prototype VR Designs Without Code With every week that passes I get more and more excited about the possibilities new innovations in virtual reality (VR) provide. At the s

What COVID-19 taught us about the: 5 things that will change the way we work and life forever I spend the last year exploring our future cities together with Adobe and focussed esp

🔥 Focus To Build Your Expertise This article is a summary of the book “The win without pitching manifesto” by Blair Enns. We read this book as book #2 of the UX bookclub (jo


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