Patricia Reiners

Patricia Reiners

0€ live training

Are you feeling lost in the AI revolution ? This webinar is your compass!

Group 2077

April 15th

Group 2076

6.00 -7.30 PM (CET)

Mark it in your calendar – the training is scheduled for April 15th at 6 PM CET


This 0 € LIVE Webinar Unlocks The Art of AI in Design

Avoid the biggest mistakes and learn 3 SECRETS to master AI

Transform from a designer overwhelmed by AI options to a visionary with a streamlined, powerful AI-enhanced workflow. You will learn 3 secrets:

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The vast landscape of AI technologies can be overwhelming. We’ll uncover how to pinpoint the tools that truly resonate with your unique design needs and how selecting the right ones can make a substantial difference in your work.

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Secret #2

Theoretical knowledge about AI is one thing, but practical application is another. We emphasize the power of hands-on experimentation, encouraging you to dive in and learn through doing. Discover how to transition from concept to execution with confidence and efficiency.

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Secret #3

The third secret lies in the iterative approach to design. AI can produce unexpected outcomes, which aren’t necessarily setbacks but opportunities for refinement. Learn how to use these moments to iterate rapidly, enhancing creativity and innovation in your projects.

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2024 will be your year ..

But if you’re overwhelmed by AI, feeling like your creativity is stifled, and you’re starting to doubt the impact of your work, then you NEED to be at this training where we’ll empower you to harness AI with confidence and reignite your passion for design.

Meet your host!

Patricia Reiners

I can’t wait to share with you the actionable strategies and insights that have allowed me to transition from standard design practices to pioneering in AI-augmented design, empowering designers to stay ahead of the curve. My journey from conventional design to leading a trailblazing design initiative has not only reshaped my career but also helped countless creatives redefine their potential.

Having navigated the shifting landscape of design and AI, I’ve not only expanded my horizons to the cutting edge of technology but worked with many fortune 500 companies and DAX giants to harness AI, transforming their workflows and mindset. Join me, and together, let’s architect the future of design.

… All this without relying on fleeting trends, but instead focusing on sustainable and forward-thinking design principles that are set to define the future.

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Live Training for 0€ – Top 3 Secrets to Avoid Common Pitfalls

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