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The Gates to 'AI for Designers' are Opening Soon—Secure Your Spot!

The ‘AI for Designers’ course is opening its doors end of November

Tired of feeling lost in the jungle of AI tools? Feel like the future of the design world is passing you by? I’ve got something for you:

No Commitment, Zero Cost, Instant Access Upon Click 🎉

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AI for Designers starts next week and you can still sign up 🥳  Doors are closing Sunday 21st 11:59pm CET.  Join the tribe and learn about AI in 6 intensive weeks 
〰️ 6 modules with prerecorded learning videos
〰️ 7 interactive live trainings 
〰️ notion doc with course material
〰️ private design community for networking and support
〰️ weekly assignments 
〰️ lots of cheatsheets, done for your templates and exemplars  You perfect shortcut 🔑  Comment “AI course” and I send you the link with more information as a private message 💌
What I Learned as a Freelance UX and Innovation Designer: Talk Less, Do More 🚀  Reflecting on my journey as a UX and innovation designer, one thing stands out: The difference between talking and doing is monumental. And I see the same with AI; there’s a lot of talk but not enough action. Now is the time to understand and use AI.  Tip 1️⃣: Talk Less, Do More. 
Try AI directly and don’t give up just because the first attempt doesn’t yield great results. 🛠️  Tip 2️⃣: Start Small. 
It may seem overwhelming, but it’s better to take it step by step now than to be completely overwhelmed later. 🌱  Tip 3️⃣: It’s Not as Complicated as It Seems. 
Pick a use case and just start. 🎯  If you want to stay ahead: Join my 0€ live training about the big mistakes and pitfalls designers should avoid when trying to integrate AI into their workflows.  Here are all the details again:  📅 Date: April 15th
⏰ Time: 6:00 PM CET  The live training will be online, and there’ll be a recording available for 24 hours afterward.
So sign up now. Spots are limited.  Just comment „Gen AI training,“ and I’ll send you the link to sign up in a private message.
Looking forward to seeing you there! 🚀

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Live Training for 0€ – Top 3 Secrets to Avoid Common Pitfalls

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