Patricia Reiners

Patricia Reiners

Learn how to design your own research plan to help you create the digital experiences of the future

Amazing user experiences are achieved by ensuring the human being is placed at the center of the design process. Using UX research, we can identify problems early and help users easily navigate even the most innovative digital technologies.

Patricia Reiners knows firsthand just how important the research process can be, working as a freelance UX designer with industry leaders like Google and Adobe to create dynamic, user-friendly experiences.

In this course, Patricia demystifies the UX process and shows you how to design your own research plan for creating a seamless digital experience. Once you understand the basics of UX design and have learned to apply different research methods, you’ll be able to help your team solve real problems for just about any digital product.

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Get started by learning the basics of user experience research, when to integrate it, and the most common methodologies used. Understand the different tools and resources available to anyone looking to conduct their own user research.

Once you’ve grasped the basic theory of UX design, write your own user research plan. Clearly define your objectives, develop hypotheses, and put the right research method into practice depending on the type of problem you’re trying to solve. 

Learn how to choose the right participants for your user research session and how to develop a useful discussion guide so you can obtain the right kind of feedback during the interview phase.

Patricia shows you how to organize and process the information you’ve gathered from your interviews and research sessions. Then it’s time to discuss the results with your team by making it visual through the creation of an affinity map. 

Finally, learn how to create distinct user personas and integrate them into a user journey map. This will help you locate different opportunities and present unique solutions to specific user problems.

What is this course’s project?

Learn how to design a written research plan, develop a discussion guide, and create your own unique user experience for a digital product. 


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